Why Pioneer

Pioneer is able to contribute the most to projects when our design team is engaged early in a Design Assist or IPD process. Our Design Assist approach focuses on 3 major areas: Aesthetic Intent, Building Dynamics and Performance, and Budget/GMP.

Aesthetic Intent

In the aesthetic intent stage, we gather information relative to the desired glass types (color, reflectiveness, visible light transmittance, solar heat gain) spandrel conditions (ceramic coated glass spandrels or shadow box construction), exterior and interior paint colors, sun control devices (vertical or horizontal sunshades), operable windows and doors (types, orientation and appearances) metal panels (types, colors, projections, textures and construction), fire rated or special construction areas and other curtain wall infill materials (terra cotta, granite, GFRP, phenolic resin panels).

During this phase, we rough out details of the various components and how they interface with each other and acquire samples of the various glasses, metal panels, paint coupons and other materials to assist in the definition of the materials to be used.

“Pioneer was very proactive in fine-tuning the demands of this complicated project with varied Glazing Systems; Point Supported, Curtain Wall and Punched Windows, and helped us analyze some alternatives and through the rigorous testing requirements. They were very professional and a real team player.”


Budget / GMP

In the budget/GMP category, we establish a budget for the curtain wall and related elements as accurately as possible based on desired materials and finishes. Throughout the Design Assist phase, as details are defined and changes made, the budget will be continually revised. At the end of the Design Assist process, a total GMP for the curtain wall will be developed, which will be the basis of the construction subcontract.

Our designers use the latest tools such as AutoCAD 2D, 3D, Autodesk Inventor, and Autodesk Revit to get the most from the Design Assist process.

The Pioneer partner model maximizes the value of the early collaboration inherent in the Design Assist process. Over the course of many projects, we’ve seen the benefits to the owner and the entire construction team of using a Design Assist approach.

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