Pioneer possesses a comprehensive in-house curtain wall and façade engineering team.

Pioneer possesses a comprehensive in-house curtain wall and façade engineering team. This team is populated by designers, adept at conception and design of building facades, and detailers, skilled at drawing and defining all the details required to build a complete curtain wall and façade system. This team produces shop and fabrication drawings guiding both the manufacture and the installation of all of our systems.

One of the keys to an efficient engineering process is ongoing and thorough communication. This communication begins with developing an in-depth understanding of the owner and architect’s vision for the structure. Our engineering team leads work in concert with our project managers to ensure that questions are raised and resolved quickly, ongoing decisions are reflected in the design, schedule and budget requirements remain front and center throughout the process.

Our designers work with downstream processes always in mind. So, in addition to design intent and aesthetic considerations, manufactur ability and construct ability remain in focus from the start. This requires our designers not only to communicate with our own shop and field teams but also with other contractors, to value engineer, minimize re-work, and expedite the construction process.

Pioneer’s designers design and specify the entire system addressing all components including extrusion profiles, thicknesses, and alloys; curtain wall span conditions; bolt sizing and spacing; thermal modeling and performance; gaskets and seal lines; and the interface of various wall types. In addition, glass type, panels, paint finishes, sealants, and all perimeter materials are specified as well.

Our designers use the latest tools and technologies to assist in this process. Solid modeling tools, like Autodesk Inventor, allow us to visualize finished products, and AutoCAD 2D & 3D serve as versatile tools for drawing and detailing. In addition, we utilize Autodesk Revit, where appropriate, to assist with shop drawings and coordination. The output of these tools is then digitally transferred to our Saw and CNC machines to facilitate efficient and accurate production.

Our testing facility provides the right environment to test our custom engineered products to ensure they are air and water tight. This allows us to identify and correct issues early in the process, guaranteeing that the finished product set on the structure meets the most stringent of performance criteria.

The result is a high quality, aesthetically pleasing, structurally sound, completely customized final product that’s passed rigorous testing before being installed on your building.