We are a team oriented culture

At Pioneer, we are centered around teamwork. Everyone has something to contribute, and we make sure to utilize the talent and growth of those who work here. We provide many opportunities to develop a culture that supports each other to build a good building. We provide many resources and a group of talented experts to challenge and help you grow in your career.

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Full Time Positions

Engineering Designer – Mason OH, Kokomo IN, Johnson City TN, Baltimore MD

Engineering Drafter – Mason OH, Kokomo IN, Johnson City TN, Baltimore MD

Engineering Manager – Baltimore, MD

Estimator – Mason, OH and Cleveland, OH

Manufacturing Technician – Mason, OH and Baltimore, MD

Project Coordinator – Mason OH, Cleveland OH, Baltimore MD

Project Manager – Mason, OH, Cleveland, OH and Baltimore, MD

Co-op Positions

Engineering Co-op – All Offices

Estimator Co-op – Mason, OH

Project Manager Co-op – All Offices

We deliver value-added and innovative projects and products on time, every time.


Our Culture

The nucleus of any successful company is its people. To be successful as a specialty contractor, we must have the ability to size the company based on the current economy and workflow.  To date, we are proud to say that we’ve never had to lay any office employees off and have been able to accommodate fluctuations in workflow in our Manufacturing Department by utilizing a combination of temporary workforce and Pioneer’s full-time employees.  Our goal is to carefully manage our fixed overhead costs in order to remain as flexible and profitable as we have been in the past.

The culture at Pioneer is employee-centric with a focus on engagement, productivity, and accountability. Our employment strategy is to recruit, hire, train, mentor and retain the best qualified individual for each job. We are only as great as our people and we’re proud to say we do have the best and we’re looking for more!

Our Culture Promises

1. Recognition and Reward

We believe that when an employee knows what they are supposed to do and how they are supposed to do it – they’ll be successful! Our employees:

We have defined core organizational and technical competencies for each position in the company.  Employee roles and responsibilities are defined in unique job descriptions and linked directly to core competencies.  A comprehensive and collaborative Performance Review process reinforces the core competencies and results in individual employee ratings.  A pay for performance compensation structure has been institutionalized with salary tied directly to performance.

2. Supportive Growth & Development

We want the best and the brightest and we know the best and the brightest are always looking for ways to get smarter, go further and give back. Pioneer is committed to a culture of constant growth and development and also believes in the value of helping others. This mutual goal is supported through:

 Our  Values 

Our values provide the rudder to our success and the focus of how we treat one another and our customers…

  1. Integrity: Everything is always done the “right” way – with honesty, respect and accountability
  2. Teamwork: One team working together to achieve excellence for our customers and each other
  3. Accountability: We give autonomy, expect accountability and reward performance
  4. Safety: Proactively creating a safe working environment for our employees and customers

Our Passion

  1. Partnering with our clients to provide value and innovation that exceeds their expectations.
  2. Rewarding a strong work ethic and providing ongoing training opportunities that promote an environment of creativity and career growth.
  3. Collaborating with our suppliers to develop and deliver the most cost effective products and solutions to our customers.
  4. Growth through quality and performance
  5. Our Promises

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